Making The World Better… One Animal At A Time!


A Snapshot Of Our Projects, Progresses, and Projections

Pet Ambulance

Enabling transportation for individual rescuers and organizations working for animal welfare… at a moment’s notice!

Rescue Shelter

Accommodating the rescued angels in between the moment of rescue and the moment of them finding a home!


The best way to ensure safety for street animals is to keep a check on their population and proliferation.

Homing Abandoned Dogs

Giving a second chance for pets to become pets again, and a new chance for homes that could benefit from some extra love!


It isn’t just about getting those pets and animals back to their old life! It’s about being with hem all through!


Kirthana Raamsukaesh

Sathya Yalamanchili

Sindhu Bairavi

Our Thought

“Holistic care for all animals and uncompromising in our endeavors in quality, timeliness, and involvement… Is all what we’re about!”

Kirthana - Founder

Our Other Areas of Presence