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Your Little Contributions Are Life-Changing Acts!

Hope for Critters hopes to amplify its hope through a vibrant and empathetic volunteer-network!

Let us all admit it! When the awesomeness of reality grows bigger than what our dreams had seen, it comes difficult for the team to get everything done. This is the time when we will need to share (not delegate) our tasks with like-minded people who’re as enthusiastic as us!

Hope for Critters soon looks to accommodate volunteers in our rescue missions, pet shelter maintenance, and adoption drives. Even if you can’t get on the ground, you can always support Hope for Critters through your donations, social shares, and of course, word-of-mouth!


There’s More Than Just One Way to Help!

Plain Volunteer

Just be there to give us a hand in giving the cute-and-adorable paws a lift in their lives in your free time!

Support Network

Be there at your place, and keep us informed of abandoned and injured animals, and any needs for help!


Your monetary contributions will surely help us make operations, rescues and rehabs turn out better!

Our achievements till date


Animals gave for adoption


Animals rescued from the streets


Animal rehabilitated by us



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Your Little Contributions Are Life-Changing Acts!

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